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Grover Cleveland Charter High School

Advanced Placement Course Policy


Advanced Placement (AP) classes are college-level courses taught as high school classes. Performance expectations are high, and the workload is challenging. Since these are accelerated courses, excellent attendance, work habits, and cooperation are necessary. 
Any student may enroll in an advanced placement class. Nevertheless, students need to be aware that they are choosing to enroll in the equivalent of a college freshmen introductory course in a particular subject field and are willing to accept and meet the challenges of that particular class. Many classes require that students complete a summer assignment prior to enrolling in the course. For more information, please talk to your counselor or the AP teacher. We encourage all students interested in taking a course the following school year to attend an AP informational meeting offered in mid to late May.


Please note that grades in an AP course are determined based on a number of criteria established by each teacher as outlined in the course syllabi/grading scale.  A student's final grade in the course is independent of the score a student receives on the nationally administered AP exam.




Course Title


Art History


Studio Art: 2D

Studio Art: 3D 


English Language

English Literature


Calculus AB

Calculus BC

Computer Science Principles





Environmental Science

Physics 1

Physics 2

Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism 

Physics C—Mechanics

Social Science

European History

Human Geography




United States Government and Politics

United States History

World History

World Language

French Language

Spanish Language

Spanish Literature



All students who enroll in and complete an AP course are encouraged to take the respective exam in May. Fee waivers are available for those who qualify. 

In order to take the AP exam for a particular course, students must be enrolled in the corresponding class at Cleveland at the time of the exam. That is, if the AP course is offered as a one-year class, students must be enrolled in the class both semesters. Any student who chooses not to enroll in an available AP class is not eligible to take the AP exam as the student will not be suitably prepared for the exam and has not completed a CollegeBoard-approved course of study. Likewise, any student who chooses to drop a year-long AP class mid year is not eligible to take the AP exam as the student will not be suitably prepared for the exam and has not completed a CollegeBoard-approved course of study. 

There are two exceptions: 1) students may take an exam in a subject if it is currently not offered at Cleveland and if the student has completed an equivalent CollegeBoard approved course of study in preparation for that exam offered through a school-approved accreditated institution—the exam must be taken within the same school year as the course; 2) native speakers in a particular world language may take the AP test in the specific language without being enrolled in the class if they have attained fluency level on par with AP world language students--see the respective world language AP teacher or the College Counselor for more information.


You may now access the dates for the Advanced Placement Exams scheduled for May: