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Student Support Team

GUIDANCE COUNSELOR: Uses data to program and place all students into academically appropriate and rigorous classes that will prepare them to meet all graduation and A-G requirements. Provides guidance to students in matters regarding graduation, college entrance requirements, and scholarships; consults with parents and school personnel as a means of helping students with educational and personal problems that may be interfering with their learning and success in school.


Cleveland’s guidance counselors:  



COLLEGE COUNSELOR: Primary function of identifying for students the coursework and preparation needed for college admission and assisting students and their families in the college application and financial aid processes. Publicizing and providing information about college readiness, mentorship and student support programs for 9th through 12th grade students.

Cleveland’s College counselors: Geni Cobb ( (9th and 10th grade students) and Sharon Drell  ( (11th and 12th grade students)


COLLEGE EMPOWERMENT SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKER: Focuses on mitigating barriers to college access for underrepresented student populations, maintaining a strong college going culture, increasing access to college pathways, resources, information and supporting college planning, application and transition.

              Cleveland's College Empowerment Social Worker: Krista Lombard-Conley (



A-G COUNSELOR: Focuses on dropout prevention, A-G intervention and credit recovery, supporting transition and articulation, and college and career readiness. Counselors work with a targeted student population in grades 9- 12 that are Tier 2 (3–4 A-G courses behind) or Tier 3 (5 or more A-G courses behind) teaching high school preparedness and culmination/graduation requirements.

Cleveland’s A-G counselors: Nancy Garcia ( and Jennie Garcia (


PSYCHIATRIC SOCIAL WORKER (PSW): Promotes early identification of students with behavioral, social, and/or emotional problems and provides opportunities for intervention; and recommends procedures for dealing with those effects on a student’s learning and behavior. The link to the PSW website is https://PSWwebsite/mainpage

Cleveland’s PSW’s: Fiaz Syed ( and Mayra Villa  (


PUPIL SERVICES AND ATTENDANCE COUNSELOR (PSA):  Counselors who work to improve system-wide student attendance, engagement, achievement, and graduation. They work directly with students who experience difficulties in achieving their academic potential due to socio/emotional, home and community barriers.

Cleveland’s PSA’s: Cindy Bernal (


SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST: Provides psychological services to general education students and students with disabilities; conducts psycho-educational assessments to assist in determining eligibility for special education services and the development of educational programs; consults with school personnel, parents and others concerned with the progress of students; provides individual and group counseling services.

Cleveland’s school psychologists:  Chris Vanek ( and Marlien Ortiz (



SCHOOL NURSE:  Provides nursing services to students age 0-22. Services include, but not limited to, first aid, immunization assessment and follow-up, communicable disease control, health education, health appraisals, development of school health plans, and child abuse reporting.

Cleveland’s school nurse:  Gina De La Luna (