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Vision & Mission

The Grover Cleveland Charter High School community nurtures global citizens who pursue academic excellence, realize personal success, and demonstrate social responsibility.

To promote student achievement, Grover Cleveland Charter High School will
Maximize student potential and growth opportunities
Implement support systems that address the needs of the whole child
Strengthen parental communication and involvement
Support innovative initiatives among stakeholders
Incorporate current educational research and practices
Optimize the allocation and utilization of resources
Network with educational institutions and community agencies

21st Century Learner Outcomes

Academic Excellence
• Think critically, read broadly, write effectively, listen carefully, and speak thoughtfully
• Research, process, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and resources
• Envision, create, and produce original works using multimedia applications
• Foster curiosity, examine ideas, and generate solutions

Personal Success
• Prepare for and adapt to constant change
• Develop positive self-identity, healthy life choices, and meaningful goals
• Value ethical principles, demonstrate personal integrity, and assume ownership
• Balance individual talents with educational pursuits and career interests

Social Responsibility
• Explore and appreciate different cultures and languages
• Contribute to the enhancement of civic life
• Collaborate with others to perform humanitarian efforts
• Respect and protect the local environment and global community
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