For any questions regarding our discipline policies, please refer to the LAUSD STUDENT HANDBOOK
Cell Phones
Other Radio Signaling Devices
Random Metal Detector Searches
Tardy Policy
Dress Code Policy
Hall Passess policy
Sexual Harassment
 Cell Phones/Electronic Devices 
On Tuesday September 11, 2012 the Cleveland Governance Council developed the following policies for the use of cell phones and other radio signaling devices on the schoool campus.  Students are allowed to be in possession of cell phones or other electronic devices during the school day, and students may use these electronic devices during nutrition and lunch.  However, electronic devices are to be turned off and off sight during class instructional time. LAUSD is not responsible for lost or stolen property, including property inside lockers.  Furthermore,  portable speakers are not to be brought to school.  Portable speakers will be confiscated on sight.
Grover Cleveland Charter High School does not permit the possession of a skateboard/longboard/scooter on campus during school hours.  Students that use a skateboard/longboard/scooter as means of transportation to and from school, are required to store the item in their assigned locker or have the item checked in at the Office of Discipline.
Random Metal Detector Searches
The safety and welfare of our students and staff are our highest priorities. As part of our ongoing effort to maintain a safe and controlled campus environment, we will continue to perform random metal detector searches. The purpose of these random metal detector searches is to look for and confiscate weapons, “look-alike” weapons, and explosive devices (M-80’s, firecrackers). Additionally, student's lockers are also searched. For further information, refer to the LAUSD “Student Parent Handbook”.
Tardy Policy
In order to maximize our use of instructional time at Cleveland, we have instituted a tardy and truancy policy that is designed to promote an orderly, safe, and businesslike atmosphere in which learning can take place with the fewest possible interruptions to the educational program. Students that are not provided bus transportation by the school district should arrive on campus with ample time to attend to any personal matters prior to the start of period one. Period one begins at 7:57 a.m., and it is strongly recommended that students arrive on campus no later than 7:40 a.m. to avoid being tardy to period one. Students that arrive on campus after 8:27 a.m. are no longer tardy but truant. The students have six minutes to move between classes during the school day. A student is considered tardy if he or she is not seated in his or her assigned seat when the class bell rings.
There is a one  hour detention for every 3 tardies accumulated. Students may do detention immediately after school in the Office of Discipline from Wednesday & Thursday. 
Dress Code policy
Clothing and accessories that are deemed disruptive of the instructional program and other school activities are not allowed.  Clothing is to be neat, clean and appropriate for school. The following items are not to be worn or carried while in school.
  • NO hats or beanies (except for Cleveland HIgh School hats or beanies)
  • NO jerseys from any sports team (except for Cleveland High School jerseys)
  • NO oversized/undersized pants, shorts or skirts (pants must stay up without a belt)
  • NO tank/halter tops or sandals.
  • NO clothing that displays images, drawings, symbols or writing of anything that has to do with sex, drugs or violence, or that is offensive to any culture, gender or religion.
  • NO exposure of midriff or any underclothes.
Hall Passes Policy
Students must carry a hall pass and wear the orange vest with the room number at all times when they exit the classroom when classes are in session.  The pass must be filled out, and signed by a teacher.  The vest must be worn at all times while student is out of the  classroom.
Hall passes are not to be used during the first or last ten minutes of class.
BULLYING:   is any mean or disrespectful behavior that is done on purpose to hurt someone physically or emotionally.  There are different types of bullying including, but not limited to: physical, cyber-bullying, social, relational and psycological, verbal, non-verbal, indirect, sexualized, racial/ethnic/religious, and disability bullying.
if you experience any type of bullying, make sure you report it to a school official as soon as possible.  Go home and also let your parents know.
Bullying stops here!!! 
SEXUAL HARASSMENT:  Cleveland High School promotes an environment free of harassment.
Is any one harassing you?  Report it in the Office of Discipline today.