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Athletic Requirements


Minimum of 2.0 GPA on 10 and 20 week grading periods.

Student Athletes must be in enrolled in a minimum of 20 credits.

Student Athletes must in class attendance on the day of the athletic contests.

Annual Medical/Health Physical

All student athletes must attain an annual physical completed by a medical physician (not nurse, chiropractor, etc)

All physical forms must be Cleveland Charter approved forms. The coaches will have copies available.

All questions must be answered and doctor's must stamp and sign the forms.

Copies, faxes, or any duplicates will not be accepted.

All students participating in tryouts must now have a physical completed prior to actual tryouts per CIF rules and regulations.

Proof of Insurance
All student athletes must have valid medical insurance to participate.

The student's name must be on the copy of the card or;

You can request a letter of eligibility can be requested from your insurance carrier if they do not provide cards for dependents.

School insurance may also be purchased.

Athletic Paperwork

Parent and Student consent to participate in Interscholastic Sports

Acknowledgement of Risk

Student Code of Conduct

Acknowledgement of Rules and Consequences for Cleveland Athletics

Steroid Prohibition Form

Victory with Honor: Parent Code of Conduct