Coaches Contact Info and Tryout Dates for 2019-2020

All participants are required to bring a Tryout Packet; this is an emergency card and physical completed by a doctor. They are available on this website under ATHLETICS and then FORMS. If you do not have a completed Tryout Packet, you may not tryout as this is a CIF rule. In addition, any out of season sport activities are NOT school or district sponsored and are voluntary. Liability for summer activities fall solely on the individual organizing the activity; please see the Liability Waiver under ATHLETICS and then FORMS.
For more accurate and complete tryout information, please contact the coach directly at e-mails listed below.
Coach R. Hall -
Boys Water Polo
Coach S. Sniderman -
Cross Country
Coach T. Saxton -
Coach S. Faer -
Girls Golf
Coach L. Howe -
Girls Tennis
Coach D. Lowe -
May 21-23, 2019 3:30-5:00pm @ CSUN tennis courts situated off of Zelzah Ave, courts located on northern end right next to Northridge Academy High School.
All girls must submit a completed and stamped physical and emergency form. Tryouts packet may be downloaded on Cleveland website under Athletics, Forms, then Tryouts packet.  All girls are expected to attend all 3 days. Any questions, contact Coach Lowe.
Girls Volleyball
Coach J. Laidlaw -
Boys Basketball
Coach J. Fischer -
Girls Basketball
Coach R. Alotis - 
Tryout Dates:  September 4th and September 5th , 3:30-4:30, Outdoor Basketball Courts
Boys Soccer
Coach C. Cortez -
Girls Soccer
Coach H. Ramirez:
Girls Water Polo
Coach S. Sniderman -
Coach G. Munoz
Coach S. Lopez -

Boys Golf
Coach C. Howe -

Boys Tennis
Coach D. Lowe -


Boys Volleyball
Coach J. Laidlaw -

Coach M. Garcia -
See attached (below)
Coach T. Frias -
Track and Field
Coach T. Saxton -