Welcome to our wonderful world of ELD! We strive to ensure all of our EL students graduate without language barriers. Here are a few of our events devoted to our El students.

2018-2019 Upcoming events:
-Career Day 2019: February 21, 2019

Progress Report cards:
FALL:      5wk 09/07/18,  10wk: 10/12/18, 15wk: 11/16/18, 20wk: 12/14/18
SPRING: 5wk 02/08/19,  10wk 03/15/19,  15wk 04/30/19,  20wk 06/07/19

-The CELDT will no longer be given as an annual exam.  We will now implement the EL PAC.  Click on link for more information: https://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/ep/elpacparentguide.asp  
-EL PAC dates: April 2019

-RI February 2019

Check out our Brochure attached below!