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AP Summer Assignment

Dear APUSH 2019 Students, 
Please download and review each of the 3 part Summer assignment.
Part 1 is due by July 1st.
Part 2 is due on the first day of school.
Part 3 is due on the first Friday of the Fall semester. Part 3 must completed by hand. Please copy the question on one line and indent the answer to the question on the next available line. Then skip a line and repeat the process. You still need to make flash cards for your personal use.  
During the first two weeks of the semester we will utilize your knowledge of Eras 1 & 2 to
    • answer a DBQ
    • respond to several Short Response Questions (SRQ)
    • take a Stimulus Based Multiple Choice Exam. 
If you DO NOT read the book or complete the Summer Assignments you will FAIL
If you have questions or need assistance, please email me [email protected] I check my email daily, so I should respond within 24 or so hours. Don't freak out. There is almost always a solution.
Do the work & do the work well.
Mr. Calvert