The Cleveland Governance Council

The CHS Governance Council (CGC) will ensure that a collaborative decision-making process is in place. Members of the CGC will be elected in accordance with Article XXVII of the UTLA contract.


The CGC will serve as the primary decision-making body for CHS. It will replace the School Leadership Council and take on the functions and responsibilities as outlined in Article XXVII, Sections 2.0-2.4 of the LAUSD-UTLA collective bargaining agreement. Consistent with Article XXVII, Section 2.4 of the LAUSD-UTLA collective bargaining agreement, the CGC will assume the following responsibilities:


  1. Personnel
  2. Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Intervention
  3. Budgets
  4. Professional Development
  5. School Discipline
  6. Scheduling
  7. Campus Facilities
  8. Use of School Equipment
  9. Staffing Procedures


Cleveland’s governance model shall maintain a system of checks and balances. In order to carry out its responsibilities, the CGC shall work in consultation with parents, students, faculty, staff, administrators, the School Site Council (SSC), the Curriculum Council (CC), and all federal and state mandated advisory councils. These councils shall advise, make recommendations, and when appropriate, act on behalf of the CGC with regard to the CGC's stated responsibilities. Additionally, the CGC shall create any ad hoc committees or new standing committees as deemed necessary.


The Cleveland Governance Council:


  • Monitors the implementation of the plan.
  • Recommends modifications for schoolwide improvement.
  • Updates school profile data for continuing analysis.
  • Analyzes data collected in the school’s accountability report.
  • Implements methods for data collection and assessment that document student achievement of the student learning outcomes and California content standards.
  • Uses data to present professional development topics that guide curricular decisions.
  • Establishes a professional development plan for teacher training in methodology and technology.
  • Reviews student support services.
  • Shares findings to stakeholder groups.
  • Revisits and promotes the school mission and vision.

 The agendas and minutes from CGC meetings from the last 12 months are available by clicking on the link below.