Cleveland Charter High School

Policy for Granting Credit for Community College Classes

Policy for Granting Credit for Community College Courses:


  1. Students will not receive credit for any community college course that has not been pre-approved by their counselor.
  2. Upon pre-approval by their counselor, students may receive high school credit for community college courses satisfying their high school graduation requirements.
  3. Upon pre-approval by their counselor, students may receive up to 30 high school credits for World Language classes taken at a community college that satisfy the World Language “E” requirement for UC/CSU admission.
  4. Second semester seniors who need community college courses to fulfill their elective credit graduation requirement may receive high school credits for courses listed in Bulletin 1040.3. The senior’s counselor must verify that the community college courses are needed for the student to graduate in June of that school year.
  5. Students may receive high school credit and community college credit for Math 227 (Statistics), Math 261/Math 262/Math 265 (Calculus), and Physics 6 or General Physics 1, only if the student is unable to take the corresponding courses at Cleveland High School. These courses will augment the student’s GPA with a 0.025 added to the overall GPA per course, similar to a semester of an AP class.
  6. In order to receive any high school credits, the student must turn in an official, sealed community college transcript.  A copy or unofficial transcript is not sufficient to grant credit.

For more information on Cleveland's policy for granting credit for community college classes, please download the below document. This policy aligns with the District's policy on the matter.


Approved 9/16/08 by the Concurrent Enrollment Committee and updated 10/1/16.