Fall 2022 Tentative Student Schedules

TENTATIVE SCHEDULES will be updated here.  Course names or periods may change due to unforeseen circumstances, opening/closing of classes, class balancing to adhere to Union caps, summer school completion/needs, and other reasons. Final Schedules will be posted here a week before school begins. 
Students will be able to see counselors after school on 6/7/22 and 6/8/22.  Counselors are also available nutrition and lunch until June 10.  Students can also Schoology message or email their counselors.
Counselors will be on Summer break after June 10 and will resume schedule adjustment requests in August. Schedule adjustments can be made up until the 3rd Friday of the Fall semester.
 As a reminder, Schoology may not always keep up with the counselors course changes, so please review this site below before school starts. 
  1. Click on the file below titled FALL 2022 TENTATIVE Student Schedules as of (Date).
  2. Scroll down and find your student ID number: This is the same number as the number on your ID card or your report card.
  3. Next to the 10-digit number is your child’s tentative schedule for periods 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7. 
SAS Last name K-Z, Languages, Digital Imaging Alotis
SAS Last name A-J, Child Development, Media Pathways Hussey
Science & TechnologyPathway Frias
Humanities Magnet Last name: A-I Howe
Humanities Magnet Last Name: N-Z Delondi
AOAT and Visual Arts Pathway McColl
ELD 2-4 and Humanities Magnet Last name J-M Morales
CLA Delatorre
GMS and ELD 1
Special Ed, Alt Curriculum Performing Arts Pathway
Not Returning to Cleveland:
If your child is not returning to Cleveland or has enrolled in another school, please contact Cleveland attendance office as possible. When calling or leaving a message, please slowly and clearly state the 10-digit number listed on the letter sent to you this summer or state the student’s full name and birth date, the name of the individual leaving the message, and the new school the student will be attending this fall. Please repeat the information twice on the message.