Fall 2019: Student Schedules for 1st day of school

Counselor has selected the student's program based on the student's requests.  Tentative Schedules will be posted online the week of August 12.  Final Schedules will be posted Friday August 16. 
First Day of School:
The first day of school is Tuesday, August 20. Students enrolled in a 0 MUST attend class on August 21st. For students who have a regular period 1-6 schedule, school will begin at 8:00 AM on August 20. Students must go to their Period 2 course first to obtain their schedule and paperwork.  The schedule for the day will be:






Period 2/Record Room



Period 2



Period 1






Period 3



Period 4






Period 5



Period 6



Student's schedules will be posted on the PDF online.  In addition to being able to access the information online, a list of students’ names and their period 2 classes will also be posted on Tuesday, August 20th in front of the school.
PROGRAM REPAIR DAY AUGUST 13: Although students do get until September 4th to meet with a counselor and make changes, we have reserved August 13th for students who see a course that they absolutely do not need such as a class they may have passed.
Please visit by grade level:  
       12th graders; 8 AM - 10 AM
       11th graders: 10:30 AM - 12:30 AM
10th graders:1 PM - 3 PM
9TH GRADER ORIENTATION IS AUGUST 14.  Incoming students and families have an exciting orientation agenda this day, therefore on this day you may leave a note for the counselor should there be an error in the schedule. 
Changes to Class Schedules:
Unofficial class schedules will be available online here at www.clevelandhs.org during Summer. You will only be able to see your child’s tentative schedule with titles of classes. Depending on class sizes, staffing, summer school grades, or other issues, counselors will be modifying student schedules between August 12 and August 15th. Schedules will be finalized for the first day of school by August 16th. Please note that schoology may not reflect up-to-date class schedule, utilize this page instead. Below are instructions on how to access your child’s tentative schedule, when available.
Students may pick up a REQUEST TO SEE COUNSELOR form the 2nd day of school, to request a change to their schedule. Counselors will not make adjustments until then. 
1) Log onto www.clevelandhs.org.
2) On the homepage, under News Section, click on “Fall 2019: Tentative Student Schedule....”
3) Click on the file below titled: FALL 2019 Student Schedules as of (Date)
4) Scroll down and find your student ID number in the first column: The number is in a letter you will receive in early August. This is the same number as the number on your ID card or your report card
5) Next to the 10 digit number is your child’s tentative schedule for periods 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7. 
For questions or concerns about your child’s schedule, please email your child’s counselor at:
SAS                                                                  Alotis              rxa4223@lausd.net
SAS                                                                  Hussey
STEM pathways                                               Frias                tfrias@lausd.net
Humanities Magnet                                           Howe              lori.howe@lausd.net
Humanities Magnet                                           Delondi
AOAT and Visual Art Pathways                        McColl             agm8360@lausd.net
ELD and Humanities Magnet                            Morales           pmx9533@lausd.net
CLA, ELD, Articulation                                      DelaTorre
GMS and Media Art Pathways                          Perez               judith.martinez@lausd.net
Spec Ed, Alt Curr, Performing art Pathways     Shapiro            dxs5777@lausd.net
Not Returning to Cleveland:
If you child is not returning to Cleveland High School or has enrolled in another school, please contact 818-885-2327 as soon as possible. When calling or leaving a message, please, slowly and clearly, state the 10 digit number listed on the letter sent to you this summer or state the student’s full name and birth date, the name of the individual leaving the message, and the new school the student will be attending this fall. Please repeat the information twice on the message. If you need a P.A.R., you can get that in our Attendance Office.
We look forward to seeing your child on August 20th.