1. To reset your password, go to 
2. Select the Employee section
3. Select Forgot Password
4. Enter all fields correctly. When finished, make sure you click SUBMIT one time. Errors occur when SUBMIT is clicked more than once (even though it may look like nothing is happening - be patient and wait)
5. When prompted, enter your new password that follows the criteria. It will take 5 to 15 minutes to "work"
1. To reset your password, go to
2. Select Student
3. You may be placed in a queue (so be patient and wait for the timer to count down)
4. Select "Reset password with District ID and Student PIN"
5. Click on "Accept" the LAUSD RUP (Reasonable Use Policy [also call the Acceptable Use Policy])
6. Provide the following: District ID, Birthdate, and Student PIN [your teacher can find your PIN in Schoology]
7. Create a new password - be sure you follow the instructions on how to create a "strong" password
If you have questions about these instructions, you may contact Albert Mendoza, Cleveland's IT Support Technician, at [email protected] or stop by his office in G1B