SPRING 2022 Credit Recovery

**Below you will find the link of courses you are registered in.  Courses may be closed due to enrollment**


Credit Recovery Helpdesk will be Saturdays 8:15 AM - 8:45 AM and 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

ZOOM ID: 941 4831 3267



To qualify, the student should have previously earned a D or F in the course.

All courses are based on enrollment, student need, and teacher availability.


To ensure students get 60 hours of required instruction, there are 3 options:

OPTION 1: VIRTUAL SATURDAY SCHOOL – VIA ZOOM: 02/12/22 - 05/21/22 from 8:30 AM -2:00 PM.

No class will be held on:  2/19, 4/9, 4/16, and 5/29.

Students will meet on Saturdays via Zoom for live instruction and synchronous work.  Students must attend all sessions (60 hours total) to be eligible for credit.  Students will be dropped after missing 10 hours.

CLASSES: English with Ms. Hall; Math and Social Studies with Mr. Aranaga 

Their Zoom info will be posted on schoology. Stop by the credit recovery helpdesk if you do not find it. 



Students will complete a fully online course independently at their own pace, on their own time.  There is no in-seat requirement.  Once the course is completed, the student is done.  Online assignments must be completed before May 27, 2022. The teacher will be in contact via Schoology once enrolled. Teacher will hold office hours for those that need to be in a class to work.

The first week the EDG mentors will be registering you into the online course assigned by your counselor and will be in contact via Schoology.


OFFICE HOURS for questions or for you to come and work. You may attend any and all office hours to work, if needed:

  • EDG Mentor Ms. Broyles Room H115 Period 0
  • EDG Mentor Ms. Stewart Room i103 Period 7


  • OPTION 3: ROLLING CREDIT RECOVERY: 02/07/22 - 05/27/22 from 7:27 AM - 8:20 AM  (SDC will meet afterschool) 

Students will complete 60 hours of work in 5 weeks!  If a student misses a week, they will need to

make it up in the following rotation. 2 hours minimum of in-seat time required per week. Students must attend Monday and one other weekday per week (2 hours of in-seat time) and complete 10 hours of asynchronous work per week. Teachers will be available daily.

  • ROTATION 1: February 7 to March 11
  • ROTATION 2: March 14 to April 22
  • ROTATION 3: April 25 to May 27


Period 0: English 9-12 with Ms. Kurnick and Biology with Ms. Cheyne;

Period 7: SDC English with Ms. Chhabra