SPRING 2022-Student Schedules

Students Spring Schedules are attached below. 
  • Students are to report to period 1 on January 11, 8:30AM. Schedules will be distributed at this time.
  • Students may message counselors via email or Schoology, as needed.
  • Students may also complete the Schedule Adjustment Forms available in the counseling office if there is a class not needed.
  • Counselors will not take walk-ins this week. They will summons students via Schoology, email, or paper summons to respond to students.
  • The new two-story building (labeled K) is the H Building
  • The new three-story building (labeled J) is the I Building.
  • Students who are to TA for a teacher without a teacher should report to room A6 during the TA period. Please have a teacher in mind.