SPRING 2023 Credit Recovery begins February 4


Counselors are currently enrolling today!  See a counselor if you feel you need to be enrolled in a credit recovery class.

In order to ensure that students get 60 hours of required instruction, the options are as follows:

  • OPTION 1: SATURDAY SCHOOL: 02/04/23 - 05/20/23 from 8:30 AM -2:00 PM. Lunch will be served. Due to holiday, no class will be held on:  2/18, 4/1, 4/8, 4/22.

Tentative classes: English, History, Geometry, Algebra 2, SDC Math, SDC English


  • OPTION 2: PERIOD 0: 02/07/23 – 05/31/23 7:27 AM - 8:20 AM

Student must attend class daily with the exception of Monday.  There will be no class Monday mornings.

Tentative classes: Health, Spanish, Geometry

  • OPTION 3: ROLLING CREDIT RECOVERY-Period 0: 7:27 AM - 8:20 AM  

Students will complete 60 hours of work in 5 weeks via Modules.  If a student misses a Module, they will need to make it up in the following rotation. 2 hours minimum of in-seat time required per week. Students must attend Monday and one other weekday per week (2 hours of in-seat time) and complete 10 hours of asynchronous work per week. Teachers will be available daily.

ROTATION 1: February 6 to March 10
ROTATION 2: March 13 to April 21
ROTATION 3: April 25 to May 26

Tentative Courses: Biology, World History, Us History