School Closure: March 16-May 1

Update 3/26/20
Final electronic device distribution will be Tuesday, March 31 in front of the school from 10:30 AM to 12 PM.  Please makes sure to bring your ID and signed consent form. No one will be on campus after that day.
Update 3/25/20
Our CGC has approved a modified bell schedule that will be in effect Monday, March 30 through Friday, May 1 (see attached).
Update 3/23/20
School will be closed through May 1. More details to follow as soon as we receive them.
Update: 3/17/20


General Resources
• Access to LAUSD Digital Library & LAUSD Destiny resources
• Edgenuity:
• Edgenuity Live Sessions:
• High School Quick Start:
• PBS Learning Media:
• Khan Academy:
  General Practice for K-12:
  SAT and ACT Practice for Grade 10 and 11:
• Schoology Resources
  Log In:
  Getting Started on Schoology for Students:

Contact LAUSD Hotline Support at 213-443-1300 for your Student PIN and password reset

• LAUSD COVID-19 News:


Support for Students on Alternate Curriculum
Students on an alternate curriculum are provided specific curriculum designed to meet their particular instructional need. In an effort to provide our students an individualized set of materials and resources, teachers will plan and develop materials and resources in support of students on an alternate curriculum.
The following are instructional resources available to students and parents in support of the supplemental learning for students with disabilities.

• Unique Learning System (Student Accounts)
• The following link provides instructions on how to access ULS Student View Account from home:
• 10 days of Instructional Materials
Grades 9-12:
• Adult Transition Grades 12+:

Support for Students on Core Curriculum
Students with disabilities on core curriculum can supplement their learning through the same means as general education students (students without disabilities). The following resources are available to supplement students in accessing core curriculum.

• Edgenuity is available for student use K-12. Each student has an individual code that will allow them to access lessons in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Science and History/Social Science lessons are available for middle and high school students.
• Curriculum maps can be accessed on the Division of Instruction Website:
You will see a box labeled “Curriculum Maps”: Elementary, Middle and High School. Click on the grade level span you wish to view (refer to picture). Parents, select the pd format. Curriculum maps contain guidelines for what is learned in each grade and subject matter throughout the year. The map will show what students work on in the subject at different time periods throughout the year, giving a rough guide of where students are instructionally.


Parent Resources
• Log in to Parent Portal:
• Access Grades and Assignments from Parent Portal:
• Linking Parent Portal to Schoology:
• Login to the Mobile App
• Using Parent Portal to Message Teachers and Access Grades:
• For More Online Courses (Edgenuity):
• Edgenuity Live Sessions:
• Elementary Quick Start:
• Middle School Quick Start:
• High School Quick Start:

• Parent Portal Parent Resources:
• LAUSD Hotline Support (213) 443-1300


Update: 3/16/20
The District is offering over 60 Grab & Go Food Centers so that students can receive two meals during the hours of 7-10 AM. The closest site to Cleveland is at Sutter MS.  Other Local District Northwest locations include Chatsworth HS, Kennedy HS, Porter MS, Sepulveda MS, Columbus MS, and Mulholland MS.    
The full list of updated sites is available at
Update: 3/15/20
Cavalier family,

This is a reminder that Cleveland will be closed from March 16 to March 27.

As we receive updates, they will be posted on our social media, on Schoology, and on our website. For additional information, please check the District website at

Our students will be using Schoology to access lesson plans and instruction. Teachers will be posting lessons for students to work on. For some classes, teachers have already provided students with packets and alternate assignments. If students have questions, they may contact their teachers via email or through Schoology. Counselors have also created Schoology groups to provide students with resources during the school closure.

Thank you to everyone for their patience, flexibility, understanding and cooperation during these difficult, uncertain times. We are in unchartered waters but together we will do our best to ensure our students continue to have a strong educational experience here at The Land.

Stay safe, Cavaliers!