Cleveland Charter High School


Welcome to our wonderful world of ELD! We strive to ensure all of our EL students graduate without language barriers. Here are a few of our events devoted to our El students.

2016-2017 Upcoming events:

Progress Report cards:
FALL:      5wk 09/09/16,  10wk: 10/14/16, 15wk: 11/14/16, 20wk: 12/16/16
SPRING: 5wk 02/10/16,  10wk 03/17/16,  15wk 04/28/16,  20wk 06/09/16

-CELDT September 19-September 23, 2016

-RI November 7-10, 2016

-3rd Annual Dinner and a Meeting in December, 2016

-4th Annual ENGLISH LEARNER CAREER DAY Coming to the land in March, 2017

Check out our Brochure attached below!