Sciences In The Progressive Era

    During the progressive era many accomplishments occur in the world of sciences. Most of the new inventions were made to help people in need and to conduct a massive flow of production, in the growth of "Good" Capitalism. many of the famous inventers   that grew during the progressive were: The Wright brothers , Henry ford, Albert Einstein , Alexander Graham Bell and many others. Ideas that came from this time consist with the idea of an easier and industrial growth which were a better help to the failing economy in the early 1900s . Inventions like the telephone, The Photostat machine and the automobile were a few of the objects that created a better life and work station to many of the business and city workers. Inventions like the airplane, the special theory of relativity, and the Kodak brownie revolutionized the people thoughts and what us as humans can achieve. It is true that the progressive era contained some of the most important invention and sciences of the modern world.

     One of the most eye opener invention of the progressive era is The Wright brother's   first successful airplane. They made the first practical fixed-wing aircraft which was able to control a mechanical fixed wing which made flight possible. the   brothers' made a fundamental breakthrough was their big invention of the "three axis control ", which mad it able for the pilot to steer the aircraft effectively and to maintain its equilibrium in the air. This method became standard on fixed wing aircraft of all kinds. From the beginning of their aeronautical work, the Wright brothers focused on unlocking the secrets of control to conquer "the flying problem", rather than developing more powerful engines as some other experimenters did. Their careful wind tunnel tests produced better aeronautical data than any before, enabling them to design and build wings and propellers more effective than any before which helped them make a successful   airplane. There breakthrough made it possible to fly all over the world, fight in wars and enjoy this incredible invention that is still use to this day.

     As many people now that Albert Einstein was a genius ( that's why they still have his brain preserved). Albert Einstein was a man with incredible talent in the world of   Theoretical physics he consisted of many different paths to the same soluble answer, one of his greatest theories is Special relativity which consist of the idea that all uniform motion is relative, and that there is no absolute and well-defined state of rest (no privileged reference frames ) -- from mechanics to all the laws of physics , including both the laws of mechanics and of electrodynamics , whatever they may be. In addition, special relativity incorporates the principle that the speed of light is the same for all inertial observers regardless of the state of motion of the source. It is a very advance in the way it is set up but this theory help start and complete many things in the science of physics,   Time dilation, relativity of simultaneity, Length contraction, velocity-addition formula and Equivalence of mass and energy ( E  =  mc 2 ) all these were important in this theory and there are many more factors and elements in this theory but I'm no Pro theoretical physicist so im not going to go in great detail, but to show that in the progressive era some of the most brilliant minds came from this era.

     Many of the other inventions of the time like the telephone by Alexander gram bell changed the way people lived at the time, the telephone cause equal communication to people all around the world which helped in the use of world war I and II and the most important case of the every day use of   billons of people every day. Another invention was the famous Ford T model which caused a huge sensation in the market not because of the beauty ( look it up) it was because it was affordable to every kind of middle class citizen, and it was also a good push for the workers in the factories because they obtained good money and a very steady job of the time. Another invention was the Kodak brownie, yes the famous   Kodak. The brownie was a type of portable camera that many people could afford and enjoy taking beautiful pictures, Kodak ad at this time consist the idea that its so easy to use that a child could take wonderful snapshots. All there invention contribute to this mass progressive movement that over took not just America but the world too.

      As we grow as a technological nation we still take a ides from the uses of the telephone, brownie, airplane, automobiles and the special theory of relativity. As many try to uncover the greatness that this era had in the sciences and the industrial production.                  


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