During the Progressive period change came in all different ways they sought changes in all policies and at all levels of life, economically, musically and artistically. Many famous artists in this American era became known as some prominent figures in America Art during (1890-1930) which is called the Progressive era, these artist included Thomas Eakins, Winslow Homer, Mary Cassatt, Whistler and Grant Wood who were some of the leaders of American Art at this time.

America was going though a lot of changes and as the way of life changed so did the art. Thomas Eakins and Mary Cassatt were some of the leaders during the movement of Impressionism. Impressionism is a type of art style that was formed in Europe because of the Art publicity during the 1860s-1930s the characteristics of Impressionist is mainly about open composition, visible brushstrokes, emphasis on light and also the movement of human perception. Thomas Eakins is a great example of the impressionism emergence in America , Eakins was well known by his European based painting of “Max Schmitt In A Single Scull”(1871) and that painting is considered a major contribution to impressionism and realism. Mary Cassatt also a very influential artist was one of the only American to be ranked among the leaders of the impressionism movement. Cassatt’s most known by her painting “La Toilette”(1891) ( a painting that shows all the characteristics of impressionism and she also was an inspiration to all who adopted the impressionist style).

During the Progressive movement much more than just one style in art was used. One of these art forms is Landscape Art, which is painting of nature such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers and the sky. Winslow Homer an American painter and printer is considered one of the most memorial and important figures in American Art, some of his paintings consists of watercolor and harsh nature. His paintings “Cloud shadows”, “Sunlight on the coast “and “After the Hurricane” shows his quality in watercolor, his paintings as a watercolorist are unparalleled because of the high standards he produces. The progressive era had obtained many more Landscape artists that spread the artistic movement and many more like Winslow Homer who overachieved greatness.

In February 13, 1891 Grant Wood was born and he is considered the best American painter by the modern American artists. Grant Wood was a very skillful artist. He has many different styles of painting and had followed many different American movements. Grant Wood painted self portraits, geometric landscapes, regionalism and impressionism. Wood’s most famous painting and probably the most famous American painting ever is “American Gothic”(1930) this painting is very notable throughout the media because of the way Grant mixed all the aspects of the progressive era and throughout the Great Depression, he gave that mix that was very much needed during his time and the paintings show the change of art that took place during the progressive era and beyond.

The Progressive period was very important to art and the movements that followed after. Impressionism, Landscape Art and Realism gave future art a firm step to stand on. The new art that was inspired by the progressive era are Abstract, Expressionism, Pop Art, New Realism, Post minimalism and Neo-Dada. Many famous artist came from the progressive inspiration like Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Agnes Martin, Jasper Johns and Edward Hopper. The Progressive era will never be forgotten because it brought so much to art.


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