Cleveland Charter High School

Letter to The Cleveland Family

Dear Cleveland Family,

I understand many of us and our students have been on a roller coaster of emotions the last few days. Whatever our political affiliations, this election cycle and the results have affected many of our staff, students, and families.  Our students especially may be feeling a number of different emotions, from anger to concern to anxiety.

We ask that our students and staff continue to be sensitive to the feelings of our diverse community.  Our vision and mission as a school have not changed. 

We do not and will not tolerate hate, violence, discrimination, or bullying.

We will continue to foster a learning environment that welcomes diversity and acceptance of all. 

We will continue to provide a safe, loving environment for all who enter our campus.  That has been, and remains, the Cleveland way.

Whatever the politics and climate of the times, we will continue to create a family for all Cavaliers.

All the best,

Ms. Duong, Principal