Cleveland Charter High School

Congrats, Aca Deca!

Congratulations to our AcaDeca team. Cleveland placed 10th overall and we will make our inaugural trip to the State competition in Sacramento, March 17-20.

Cleveland also garnered the Alfonso Perez Award, Districtwide Most Improved Team Award (moving up by over 13,000 points), Most Improved Team in Conference 5 Award, Third Place Overall in Conference 5, and many individual medals.

Coached by Ms. Danielle DiFrancesco, our team members include Anna Bassa, Mariana Castellanos, Dorey Chery, Daniel Cortez, Ryan Holdsworth, Moises Jasso, Leann Lim, Ethan Schwartz, and Brandon Vo.

Individual awards:

Top Scoring Team Member: Brandon Vo

Anna Bassa: Honorable Mention, Music

Mariana Castellanos: Silver, Interview

Dorey Chery: Gold, Speech

Daniel Cortez: Bronze, Speech

Leanne Lim: Honorable Mention, Science

Ethan Schwartz: Gold, Interview; Bronze, Speech

Brandon Vo: Bronze, Science; Honorable Mention, Economics
Congratulations! We are proud of you.