Graduation Cords 2023

If you did not buy your earned cords in time for Senior Awards Night you can still buy your cords at the student store and wear them to graduation. If you did not go to Senior Awards Night and need to pick up your already purchased cords please go see Ms. Drell in the College and Career Office in room i-126.
Important Information to Read About Graduation Cords for 2023
Apply for your cords at the Graduation Cords Application Link
If you have any questions about the athletic black & white cords email your coach.
If you have any questions about the red service (school service 1-2 years) or red & black service cords (school service 3-4 years) email your teacher or adviser.
The Gold and silver academic cords are for cumulative GPA over 7 semesters; silver 3.0-3.59 GPA, gold 3.60-3.99 GPA, and valedictorian 4.0 and above GPA, if you have questions about which of these cords you qualify for after looking at the posted list above, email or message Ms. Drell at [email protected].
The Bi-literacy and Superintendent's honor roll cord (3.8 and above CSU GPA) are not included on this list as you do not have to purchase them. They will be given to you at diploma distribution.
Graduation Cords Sales
Graduation Cords sales are in the Student Store starting May 4-May 25, 2023 (no extensions), Lunch Only.  Cash only, exact change please. Cords and stoles costs $15.00. Purchase graduation cords at the Student Store. Cash Only. IF you purchase the cords after May 25th they will not be presented to you at Senior Awards Night on May 30th.
Make sure you check the Graduation Cords List (list will be posted by May 1st) above to see if you qualify and how many you qualify to purchase before you go to purchase your cords. If you are not on the list, and you think you qualify please send an email or Schoology message to the coach or the Cleveland organization teacher/adviser you think you qualify for.
CSF stoles and the valedictorian tassel (both are free) will be given to you by Ms. Drell at your senior awards night.
Email [email protected] if you have any questions.