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we're half way done!

We're over the 10 week mark now and I just wanted to say that I'm proud of all of you, some of you have made huge progress (and other at least some). The last test I had graded this weekend is so much better than all of the tests so far in all the classes and I'm so excited (yes, even after grading all weekend!) Those of you who are still not doing well, PLEASE start stopping by at nutrition for tutoring or get help on your own. Most of you who bring a book everyday and try something are definitely doing better, the rest of you need to start doing that if you haven't been....also some of you haven't taken advantage of weekly extra credit assignemnts but 5 points per weekd does add up.....there's still time to make a change....Parents please continue emailing me ( for the progress and grades (direct email from this website does not come thru) there are no surprises later.


Get ready....set....go! we are starting next semester, remember not only bring your textbook everyday now but to ALSO bring a calculator to your math classes now....if you're in my geometry class, please bring a calculator that has SIN, COS, TAN buttons....if you're in Alg2 class, please bring your graphing calculator (with a screen) asap (i've asked to get these last semester) and if you're in algebra1 class, please bring ANY calculator, even $1 one is fine!

Hope you've all had a great vacation and are coming back with good attitude and ready to discover and work :-)  we have so much to do and to learn....who's excited?? (all of us!!!!!)