Mr. Diebold

Ms. Salehyar

In the AOAT, Web Design I is themed on "Places that create the bigger picture." Following this theme students will work to develop their own personal webpages on the internet.

The first few weeks are spent reviewing Photoshop fundamentals while completing an interesting but difficult computer graphics project.

This is followed by extensive learning in the Web File Preparation program, ImageReady. This gives students knowledge in optimizing their graphics for best results on the internet and how to animate their files, do creative rollovers, and slice their images for best results on the world-wide web.

After completing their own web sites in first semester, students move on in second semester to find and work with outside 'clients' and create web sites for them as part of our AOAT Community Service Program.

In Web Design II Students will move one to more advanced studies and projects using their Web Design skills.

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