Teacher: Mr. Diebold

Intro to Photoshop, themed on 'Self' in the 9th Grade is a 10 week rotating class that covers the basics of the Photoshop program and certain required Health Standards.

Students will spend four weeks going over and practicing the Photoshop fundamentals while solving visual exercises on computer that require applying what they have learned in class.

In the last six weeks students will complete three major projectss:

The Name in Photoshop project involves presenting their name in the Photoshop format in a new and creative way while applying the techniques they have learned in the AdobePhotoshop program. See student work here.

The Environmental Poster project requires students to create a poster fostering environmental ideals and concerns about dangers to the envirnoment. They must apply newly learned Fundamentals of design in their work and are challanged to create something unique and professional in appearance. See other student work here.

The CD Cover project "My Music Rocks" involves students in using their acquired Photoshop skills in creating a CD music album cover of their favorite group. Students must then present their album cover and play the music in front of the class. The class votes on how successful they were based on overall appearance, skills in applying Photoshop techniques, and the Fundamentals of Design.
See student work here.

Upon Completion of the 10 week course students will rotate to another class in the Academy of Art and Technology curriculum.

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